Why this Plant Box is a fun and different Christmas present

Posted on November 15 2020

Christmas Plant Gift box

It can be a difficult task to find a good Christmas or advent gift for your friends and family. Read why we believe a Plant Box is the perfect gift for the person who lives in an apartment, but still wishes a green vegetable garden indoor. 

Christmas is typically not the time to associate with growing green in the home, but do not despair. Our Plant Boxes have a long shelf life, and if you give them as a Christmas gift, you can wait to assemble them until the start of the new year or when spring comes in March and April.

In short, with our Plant Box concept you receive a foldable pot with compressed soil, where you simply add water and hereafter the seeds. It is easy and takes only 2-3 minutes to assemble. See a short video on how it works here.

Plant Box with sprouts growing

Choosing a Plant Box gives you the opportunity to give a fun and different gift that is also very useful. Growing herbs provide you with herbs throughout the year, so you do not have to spend lots of money on, for example basil and mint in the supermarket.

Besides eating and enjoying the plants, it's also fun and rewarding to grow your own vegetables or herbs. Many talk about it can be anti-stressful to care for plants and water them as it gives a break for a busy day.

Plant Box in Christmas decoration setup

It can also be a fun family activity to have your children take care of the plants, and the children will find it fun to see the plants grow bigger as they water them.

What seed type should I choose?
Herbs are the easiest to grow and they will again and again provide you with fresh herbs in your kitchen and give your home a fresh green look. Here a Greek basil Plant Box could be a great choice. It tastes good, and smells wonderful. If you choose vegetables like chili and tomato, it requires a bit more work, but you do not need past experiences to succeed. Instructions are included in all our Plant Boxes. However, the vegetables are incredibly fun when they begin to grow and you see small chili and tomatoes appearing in your window sill.

In the Plant Box content

Give one, two or three Plant Boxes to one you care for this Christmas. The gift is ideal for people who live in an apartment and still want a kitchen garden in their window.

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Merry Christmas to all of you.

Herb Plant Boxes green leaves


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