How our Plant Boxes works

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Nutritious and high quality soil

The soil in our Plant Boxes is made by mixing thoroughly washed coconut debris with a sustainable fertilizer, after which it is compressed into a tablet under high pressure. Adding water will make the tablet swell up again up to 8 times its volume. Due to its structure it is an airy potting soil with great properties for the development of roots. It absorbs water amazingly fast and holds water for long, even after an extensive period of dehydration.
Soil for window pots

Ecological and sustainable

The coconut debris is released as a residue during the processing of coconut bark. This leaves no ecological footprint, in contrast to the extraction of the basic components of most potting soils. In this way coconut soil is a better ecological alternative to conventional potting soils. Enjoy your Plant Box, and preserve our nature at the same time.