Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to trading at and related pages that are driven by

mywindowfood ApS

Badstedvej 3

DK-4690 Haslev

CVR: 38 93 40 15

Phone. +45 60 60 65 72 (09:00-16:00 CET)


In the below referred to as "mywindowfood".

Shipping terms

Delivery is made by carrier chosen by us. Prices for delivery are between 34 DKK and 54 DKK depending on the selected shipping type.
Delivery can be done either at a physical address or for pickup in a parcel shop or post office. We deliver to Denmark, Europe and North America. A complete list of countries we deliver can be found under Check out the page where customer information entered.

If you do not have the option of being home when the freight carrier arrives, you can specify a place where the package must be set at your own expense and risk. One possibly. Reissue will be done at your own expense.
On each type of purchase, there is an estimated delivery time for shipment from our warehouse. If the order is placed after 2 pm. CET on weekdays, it will only be processed on the next working day. We do not ship during weekends.

Sales- and Delivery terms

1. Placing an order

Once you have placed an order, our system will automatically send you an email, which shows which products you have ordered.
If there are obvious typing or price errors that the customer knew or should have known was incorrect, we can cancel the order.
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide correct address and contact information.

2. Binding receipt

We will send you an order confirmation when you order your subscription or product.
Binding order confirmation and thus invoice will be sent to you by mail when we ship the goods from our warehouse. You will also receive a Track & Trace message so that you can follow the progress of your shipment and see where it is located.

3. Customer registration

When you shop on our website, you can create a personal account via the Account page at and As a registered member you always have the opportunity to gain insight and you can object to a registration in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act. Request for insight can be directed to 

4. Cancellation of order

If you wish to cancel an order, this must be done before dispatch from our warehouse. You can thus cancel orders that contain stocked items. Cancellation of orders can be done by writing to or call weekdays on +45 60 60 65 72 between 10:00 and 14:00 CET.

5. Prices

Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are in Danish kroner and inclusive of the VAT applicable at any time. If different currency is selected prices are quoted in the selected currency still including Danish VAT.

Regarding the indicated prices for delivery in Denmark, Denmark is defined as Jutland, Fyn, Zealand and brooky islands. Prices are daily prices.
When you trade with mywindowfood, agreements are made following Danish law.

6. Payment terms

At purchase, you automatically authorize mywindowfood to deduct the amount. The amount is debited from your account when the goods are dispatched.

Payment for ordered goods can be done online using:

  • Mobilepay
  • VISA- Master and Eurocard (Danish issued) (1.35%)
  • VISA- Master and Eurocard (Non-Danish issued) (2.55%)
  • American Express (2.55%)

mywindowfood charges a fee when using credit cards. The fee, to use the respective payment cards and methods, is given in the parentheses above. Fees for using credit cards will not exceed the fees provided by Bambura. When signing up, enter card number, expiration date and the 3-digit security number on the payment card you wish to use. Amounts are first deducted from your account when physical shipment is made from our warehouse.
Payment terms for subscription are described in more detail under item 13. "Subscription".

7. Shipping and delivery

Mywindowfood strives to ship the items you have ordered for delivery within 1-2 business days from our warehouse. For delivery outside of Denmark and Bornholm, 1-2 extra delivery business days are required. For delivery outside of Europe an additional 1-2 business days is expected for delivery. If there is a longer delivery time than stated here, you will be contacted by telephone or by mail. Items ordered via the webshop, will be delivered with freighter on weekdays approx. between kl. 8 and 16. Delivery time can not be specified, as we have no influence on the freight man's route. Delivery is to front door at street level.

If the item is requested to be placed in a doorphone entry, we can not secure delivery, as it is up to the individual carrier to assess whether or not he will use the door phone. Therefore, we recommend that the package be delivered to an alternate address if you live in doorway entry and not at home to receive the package.

If the item can not be delivered, additional delivery will be for your own account. Retransmission is at your own expense. When selecting delivery to the door, it is possible in the remark field to indicate whether the item can be placed without receipt, eg in carport or similar. If we are allowed to place the item without a receipt and without acknowledgment, this is for the recipient's own responsibility and risk.

If the product is delivered in outbuildings or the like, the customer himself is responsible for the nature of the goods, including transport damage and bumps, as well as safety and safe storage.
When picking up a mywindowfood box in a parcel shop, you must display valid photo identification in connection with the delivery of the mywindowfood box. Valid photo identification is a passport or driving license. 
If you move, it is your responsibility to give mywindowfood notice to Timely notification must be received by mywindowfood no later than 2 business days before scheduled delivery of a new mywindowfood box. If transfer is not reported to mywindowfood in good time, you will be billed and stapled for delivery.

8. Checking goods

It is important that you always check your goods before accepting them. Keep in mind whether the wrapping is intact and not repaired. Keep an eye on 'hidden damage' where an injury can be inflicted on the product without visible signs of packaging. Here we advise you to unpack the item before accepting the receipt of the item.

9. Cancellation and return policy

As a customer, you have 14 days from receipt of your order to inform mywindowfood that you regret your purchase. After notification of cancellation has been submitted to mywindowfood, the item must be returned to mywindowfood within 14 days of the delivery of the notice.

The cancellation and return rights must be notified in writing to either our mailing address or 
The amount refunded is the purchase price, including any delivery costs. You pay for the return freight. In addition, if the item has been used, the value loss will also be deducted from the amount. The loss of value is calculated on the basis of the purchase price of the product minus the trade price of resale for the second-hand product, and the loss of value is determined specifically and individually by mywindowfood. The risk of transporting the goods back to mywindowfood rests on you as a customer. The item can also be delivered to mywindowfood's address.

You will receive an email when we receive your items at our address. The amount is not paid in cash, but instead as an electronic reversal of the money is made to the account to which the payment card is used. An electronic reversal may take up to 5 business days, from receipt of the goods and transferred to your account.

Return address is:

mywindowfood ApS

Badstedvej 3

DK-4690 Haslev

Att.: mywindowfood

NOTICE! We do not receive packages sent per. COD (Cash/Collect-On-Delivery)

NOTICE! If you have not been home at delivery, re-delivery is done at your own expense. In addition, as a customer, you will be charged a fee for the return delivery to us.

NOTICE! mywindowfood box'es purchased with gift cards can not be refunded to a payment card or account.

10. Warrenty

In accordance with the Sale of Goods act, you are granted a 24 month warranty on all goods as a consumer. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or refusal in the price, depending on the specific situation. Obviously, it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of an incorrect use of the product or other damaging behavior.

For limited-life items, however, your warranty is limited to the shelf life that is customary for the product concerned.

If you find defects or errors in a purchased item, please contact mywindowfood as soon as possible and within a reasonable time and explain the error or defect. Complaints can be made by contacting us at We will then send you a return label per. email that you need to print and attach the return shipment. All inquiries via mail will be answered no later than the next working day. Alternatively, the item may be shipped or handed in at: mywindowfood ApS, Bastedvej 3, 4690 DK-Haslev, Telephone. + 45 60 60 65 72.
If the product is defective or error-prone, mywindowfood will attempt to repair the item or alternatively make a replacement if it does not cause disproportionate costs for mywindowfood.
You must advertise within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect of the item. If you advertise within two months after the defect has been discovered, the complaint will always be timely.
If you choose to send the returned item without a returned return label, we will refund you the reasonable costs, usually DKK 49, -.

The item should be sent to:

mywindowfood ApS
Bastedvej 3
DK-4690 Haslev

Att.: mywindowfood

We need the following information when you ship the item to us.

  • Detailed description of the defect or error of the item

Notice! We do not receive packages sent per. demand or the like.

Keep in mind that the item must always be returned in proper packaging with your receipt for shipping so that we can refund your shipping costs.


11. Changes to terms

All changes to our sales and delivery terms will be available on our website.

12. Buying processes

After you make a purchase from mywindowfood, you can contact mywindowfood at any time, and receive a copy of your order confirmation. Please contact All inquiries via mail will be answered the next working day.

13. Subscription

For subscriptions will the subscription price, which is written on the product site be withdrawn for every subscription period.

Subscription requires an account with mywindowfood. An account is free. You can sign up for a Plant Box subscription through our website. We will send you a confirmation by email when you order your subscription.

Your subscription will run for the period during which the order has been issued. After expiration of the selected period, the agreement will continue for the same price and delivery will be made automatically each month. If you wish to pause your subscription for a period of time, it is your responsibility to give mywindowfood notice via phone or write to

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in through the Account page. Alternatively, you can send a message to or call + 45 60 60 65 72 on weekdays between 09:00-16:00 CET. You will receive a reminder email the day before sending a new Plant Box as part of the subscription scheme, and you must pause or unsubscribe from the same day. If you do not suspend or terminate your subscription in time for mywindowfood, you will be billed and liable for a delivery before your subscription ends. 

We would like to emphasize that you cannot connect to your personal account page, without agreeing to our terms and conditions including the terms for subscriptions.

If you move, it is your responsibility to provide mywindowfood message to Timely notification must be received by mywindowfood no later than 2 days before scheduled delivery of new mywindowfood box. If transfer is not reported to mywindowfood in good time, you will be billed and stapled for delivery.

Two working days before shipment of your goods, we reserve the agreed amount on your payment card.

When the goods are dispatched from our central warehouse, the agreed amount will be charged from your debit card. In the same context, a receipt will be sent electronically to your e-mail address.

Delivery is made on the basis of the stated delivery terms under section 7 of these Terms.

After receiving the goods, you have the same powers as all our other customers, ie. that you are of course welcome to return the goods or advertise any defects. For further information, refer to points 9 and 10 of these Terms.

Payment of your Plant Box subscription

You can only pay your Plant Box subscription with a debit or credit card.

By purchase, you automatically authorize mywindowfood to withdraw the subscription amount on a monthly basis. The amount is debited from your account when the goods are dispatched.

When signing up, enter card number, expiration date and check digit on the payment card you wish to use. You authorize mywindowfood to store the payment card information through Quick Pay ApS and agree that it is a recurring payment. In case of a properly notified break in subscription, of course, the card will not be raised for the given period.

If mywindowfood can not deduct the amount prior to delivery, mywindowfood will put your subscription on hold and contact you per mail or phone. The subscription will resume once an update of the card information has taken place. This applies regardless of the reason that the payment could not be completed.

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the payment card is valid and up to date. If you change your debit card or renew your existing debit card, you are required to update the card information associated with the Plant Box subscription. This is done by giving mywindowfood notice on or phone +45 60 60 65 72 every weekday between 09:00-16:00 CET. When you want to change your card information, your current subscription will be deleted and a new one will be created, which you will need to approve with the new card information.

14. News and product emails

You only receive mails if you have selected this via the webshop.

Mywindowfood will send you emails when there are relevant news that we consider to be interesting to you. 

15. Appeals

At mywindowfood we are passionate about happy customers, and we always hope to find a good solution at every request from our customers. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the relevant board in the area if the conditions for this are met.

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen

Carl Jacobsensvej 35

2500 Valby

If you are a resident of a EU country other than Denmark, you can appeal to the EU Commission's online complaint portal here.-


16. Privacy Policy

mywindowfood naturally respects your privacy and wants to protect it. As a customer, you only need to provide information that is necessary for us to serve you as best as possible. The typical information mywindowfood collects is name, address, phone number and e-mail address. However, mywindowfood reserves the right to use your information internally at mywindowfood for statistical purposes to assess customers' geographical location and other service-related measurement parameters. However, the information will always be internal and kept confidential to third parties.

17. Data responsible

mywindowfood is the data responsible for the information exposed by mywindowfood to the customer or the user. The legislation requires that the user's information be kept for 10 years. We do not store customer information encrypted. We do not transmit customer information encrypted. As registered with mywindowfood, you are always entitled to object to the registration. You also have the right to understand what information is registered about you. These rights are in accordance with the Personal Data Act and please contact mywindowfood ApS by e-mail

18. Force majeure

We have the right to assert force majeure in the case of war, warlike event, civil war, revolution, government sanction, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster or the like. This means that the agreement will not need to be fulfilled in part or in full. We will attempt to contact you should, contrary to expectation, occur.