3 good reasons to take your herbs with you in your summerhouse

Posted on June 19 2019

Fresh herbs in summer house window

It is summer and for many of us this means a trip to the summerhouse for a holiday or visiting friends and family. A summerhouse trip is often associated with relaxation, extra time to cook delicious food and enjoy the season's fresh products. In this article we focus on the benefits of bringing your fresh herbs with you into the summerhouse. 

Benefit 1: Herbs decorate, but also offers many beneficial effects. 
In the summerhouse kitchen it decorates with green herbs that can give a fresh and green look to the traditional summerhouse colors. Besides that herbs decorate, there are also many other beneficial benefits. Did you know that fresh herbs contributes to lowering stress levels, as the green color may seem relaxing to most of us. Immerse yourself in picking the leaves from the fresh plants, cut the plants and water them and you will experience a nice calmness in your body. 

Homegrown herbs decorates in summerhouse setting

Benefit 2: Herbs will become your best friend in the kitchen. 
A window sill with basic herbs like basil, dill, coriander, thyme and mint is amazing to have available in the kitchen. After shopping for the season's fresh products it adds something special to the dish by decorating with fresh herbs. For example, decorate the asparagus potatoes with dill, make a salad with tasty homegrown coriander leaves or how about a fresh strawberry dessert decorated with lemon balm. You could also try a summer cocktail with fresh mint. Herbs also preserve most of their nutritional value if consumed fresh. 
Fresh basil leaves and homegrown tomatoes on plate ready to be served with olive oil

Benefit 3: The aroma of fresh herbs is amazing. 
Finally we have to mention the fresh and delicious aroma herbs contributes with in the summerhouse. Every time you pick the plants, a nice scent will spread around the house. We believe the scent helps you quickly getting into a relaxed mood. Pick for example your lemon balm leaves just before you decorate a dessert and your guests will be craving the food before the dish is served.

Fresh parsley and herbs ready to be cut for cooking

We hope that we have been able to inspire you to take your fresh herbs with you in the summerhouse. Herbs are generally easy to grow and you will be able to pick from the plants continuously, after which new leaves will grow and you will therefore have fresh herbs available throughout the entire summer.

We believe that homegrown herbs taste better, and in good soil they are easy to grow and the durability is longer.

See our selection of herb Plant Boxes here. You do not need to have experience in planting to get started, and they make it quick and easy to take homegrown herbs with you in the summerhouse.

Enjoy your trip in the summerhouse.

Bell pepper and Red basil Plant Boxes in summerhouse window


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