Vegetables you need to grow in your window this spring

Posted on March 22 2021

Plant pots in window

Spring has arrived, and for many this means increased activity in your garden and extra focus on planting. If you do not have a garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs, do not worry. Your window sill is a really good option, and you can grow a lot of delicious varieties of vegetables and herbs in sparse space. 

It's easy to get started and also looks really good in your apartment or kitchen window. Many places, this concept goes under window farming or urban farming. 

To save you a trip to the local plant center, we have developed our Plant Boxes that contain everything you need to get started as an urban farmer. You also avoid being left with extra soil or too many seeds etc. Within 5 minutes you can assemble our foldable plant pot, add soil, add water and sow your seeds. The plant can live its entire life in the pot. 

The next step is to choose which seed you want to grow. In the following we provide you with recommendations for four vegetables and herbs, we love, and everyone should try to grow themselves.


Small tomatoes are our first recommendation to plant indoor. Be aware of choosing a variety that can be grown in pots. We use the Heartbreaker variety in our Tomato Plant Box. They are so small and sweet that they can break every heart hence its name. In addition, they taste delicious, intensely and are easy to grow. 

We have to mention peas. Peas have a short harvest time and are therefore extra good to plant in your window sill. Within just a month you will see the first small pea fruits come forward. We recommend planting small sugar peas so that you can look forward to a good harvest of crisp peas that can be used in salads and as small snacks.

Pea plant pot in windowsill

Chili has become an incredibly popular vegetable to grow for yourself and for good reason. The plant is beautiful and produces many fruits over a season you can apply for pickling or to spice your food. We use the popular black Jalapeno in our Chili Plant Box, which we believe has the very right flavor and medium to high strength.

Finally, we recommend the red basil. This plant simply becomes so beautiful with its red leaves and flowers that it will become a solid fixture in your window sill once you try it. It is also more intense in its taste than traditional basil. We are big fans.

 Red basil Plant Box content

We hope that you have the courage to grow vegetables and herbs in your home. It is a lot of fun and rewarding. In our selection of Plant Boxes we have many seedlings that you can choose from. With a Plant Box you will also get a small guide with small tips for growing plants in your window. Very good planting desire to all of you.



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