How to turn your window sill into into a herb garden

Posted on June 20 2021

three herb plant boxes in window sill

It's spring, the sun is shining and you see green sprouts everywhere. This time is the traditional season to seed and grow in your garden, greenhouse or on your balcony. Recently, there has been a growing interest in also growing green in big cities and not seeing it as a restriction to live in an apartment.

Many people do not realize there is plenty of heat and sun in their windowsill to grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. It's easy to get started even if you do not have experience with growing herbs and know little about planting yourself. In addition, you no longer have to go past a plant center to get started, as all can be shipped directly to your home.

What do you need to get started as an urban farmer? 
With our Plant Box you will receive everything you need to get started. Everything is customized to avoid spillage in the form of too much soil or too many seeds. It takes five minutes to assemble our foldable pot, add soil, water and plant your seeds. Sustainable nutrition has been added to the soil, so your plants have extra good conditions to grow. With all Plant Boxes comes a simple instruction that explains how to get started in the easiest way.

Plant Box content visualized

What is the life span of herbs and vegetables in the window sill?
The plants you grow in our Plant Boxes last for up to a year, giving you fresh fresh herbs, fruits or vegetables during this period. You do not need to replant the plants to larger pots, since all the varieties we have chosen can live their entire life in the Plant Box. This also applies to bigger vegetables and fruits like tomato, pea and chili. 

How long does it take before I can harvest the herbs and vegetables?
It is different from black to black and depends on sunshine during the period. Herbs you can usually start to pick from after approx. 1-2 months. Larger varieties like tomato and peas there may go between 2-4 months before the first small vegetables are ready. Look forward to the joy of caring and nurturing your plants while they grow and enjoy the green look it gives your home.

Tomato fruit example

Why plant yourself rather than buying a fully grown plant?
On a busy day it can be incredibly de-stressing to take care and nurture your nice little plants in your window sill. It's a refreshing contrast to the mobile phone, work and a noisy television to take the time to water your plants and cut them as they grow up. Many have probably found that herbs you buy in a supermarket dry out quickly. This is often because there is very little soil around the plant as well as due to the quality of the soil. By growing your own herbs you can grow in nourishing soil of high quality, so you avoid having to water as often and you can increase the lifetime of the plant. 

Sprouts growing fast in our Plant Boxes

However, the best thing is to serve a nice salad or delicious dish for your guests with homegrown coriander or basil. Or drink a relaxing tea with sage, or serve cold ice cream with fresh lemon balm you pick of your homegrown plant just before serving.

You find our selection of Plant Boxes here. Under the description of each Plant Box it appears in which months it is optimal to plant each type of seed. To see a short video on how to assemble the Plant Boxes click hereHappy planting.


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