6 tips for growing herbs indoor during winter

Posted on October 02 2019



Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh herbs you can cut all winter?

Having fresh herbs all year is rewarding and brings a green touch to your kitchen or windows, and like with most other things it just tastes better when you have grown og made it yourself.

Below you find six concrete tips for growing herbs in the windows of your apartment or house during winter.

1. Focus on herbs that grows well with less sun, and takes less days to harvest. Many herbs doesn’t require as much sun as vegetables like chili, pepper, tomato etc.. Herbs like basil, parsley, coriander, thyme and rosemary all grow well during less sunny periods. These also have a shorter period until they can be harvested compared to many other vegetable plants.





2. Optimize the amount of sun your seeds and plants receive.
If possible place your pots in a southern or western facing window, as they will get more sun during the day compared to a northern or eastern facing window. The area near these windows will also be the warmest spot in your home, so this makes it the best place to grow your plants.

3. During winter it takes longer for the plant and soil to absorb the water. Try to let the soil turn almost dry before you water again. Unlike the spring and summer time it can last between 7-10 days between watering, and remember small seeds needs less water than full grown plants. For newly planted seeds you need to be careful, when adding water to avoid rinsing the seeds away. A water sprayer can help you spray water gently. If you do not own a water sprayer you can water gently in the side of the pot, so you don’t rinse the seeds away.  

 4. Keep a warm indoor climate. Most homes have a temperature around +20 degrees celsius, which is a good temperature for your plants to grow. Also make sure your window sills are properly sealed for wind and they will make a fine place for your herbs to grow.

5. Harvest to thicken plants. The best part of indoor vegetables and herbs is harvesting them, and cutting and using them frequently will actually allow the herbs to re-grow and thicken for a beautiful look in your windows.

6. Fertilizer will keep your herbs healthy in the long run. In the soil you receive with our Plant box’es there is plenty of nutrients for 3-5 months of growing depending on the type of plant. After this adding fertilizer will keep the soil in optimum shape to deliver fresh herbs and vegetables. In most plant centres you can buy fertilizer specially made for growing herbs and vegetable plants.

We wish you good look with growing window food. Growing herbs during winter is a good supplement to a healthy diet, and it can be lots of fun for a family to plant seeds and watch them grow into herbs and vegetables.

Make sure to check out our selection of herbs to grow. Under each seed type you can read in what months they are best suited to be planted.


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