Why grow vegetables and herbs indoor?

Posted on July 01 2019

Plant Box with sprout coming out of the soil
Why go through all the effort of planting a plant from seed into plants instead of just buying a full grown chili plant or basil plant?

If you have never tried growing seeds into plants you probably wonder why, but it takes just one homegrown plant to understand how fun and rewarding it actually is to grow your own food in your windows.

In our modern time, where organic and healthy food is on the rise growing your own food adds to the culture of having full transparency around what you eat, and where the food comes from. It is of course not the idea that the plants you grow in your window at home will make you self-sufficient with vegetables and herbs all year round, but it will contribute to a greener way of thinking, and might leave you more conscious the next time you go to the super marked around, where the greens comes from?

Plant Box mywindowfood


You don't need to have a garden og big terrace to grow vegetables or herbs in your home. All you need is a window with a lot of light, and you are all set to go. It is not only fun, but it also looks good in your home.

We hope you will get as much fun out of growing plants from seed to vegetable and herb in your home as we do. We will do our best to continuously post tips and tricks on this blog to inspire and help you succeed.

Have you got any good tips yourself or experiences with homegrown plants? Please leave a comment to this post, so others also can get inspired. Thank you for reading!


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