Tips to ensure your plants survive while away on summer vacation

Posted on March 10 2019

plant pots in hot windowsill

Many of us have tried to return home from a lovely holiday to come home to a window sill with sad and dead plants. Here are some simple tips for how your plants survive while you are away on holiday.

Tip #1: Move the plants into the shade.
If your plants are in a hot window shade where the sun burns all day, you will often have to water your plants. By moving your plants down to the floor or somewhere else in the shade you will find that your plants last for a lot longer without becoming dry. The plants can easily survive without direct sun for a couple of weeks, while you are way. This is, in our opinion, the most important thing to remember before going on holiday.

Plants moved into shade

Tip #2: Plants are more durable than you think.
Do not despair if you come home from vacation and the leaves on your plants are hanging and the plant looks lifeless.
In many cases, a good amount of water is what you need before your plants look lovely and beautiful once again in your window sill. Make sure to pour well with water in the pot and then wait 6-7 hours, then the plant and leaves will have absorbed water again and you will see a clear difference. 

Tip #3: Make use of family, friends or the good neighbor.
Should you be away longer than +2 weeks, we can not guarantee that the above tips will ensure that your plants survive. We therefore recommend you get a good friend, neighbor or family to drop by and water your plants at least once. Many people never get around to asking the neighbor for help, but remember it only takes 5 minutes for a neighbor to water your plants. Most people are more than willing to help if you just ask.

Watering af plant during summer

We wish you a great summer holiday, and hope your lovely plants will also have a great summer with lots of sun. Remember to water well before you go on holiday.

During the hot summer period, it is also worth moving the plants to a window where the sun is not as strong if you want to avoid having to water too often.


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