Parsley Plant Box

99,00 kr

Grow your own Parsley plant indoor with this Plant Box that contains all you need to grow seeds into a tasty parsley plant in your window.

Parsley is a good seed to grow at home all year round, as the seeds will grow well with less light. Parsley is an attractive plant with small, scalloped leaves, but it has more than a pretty appearance. Parsley is a highly nutritious plant and is rich on vitamins and antioxidants.

Parsley goes well in many recipes, and is a plant that is highly addictive once get used to having fresh leaves all year round.

Inside the Plant Box you find:

  • Parsley seeds (organic)
  • Pot in Nordic design incl. plant bag
  • Ecological soil
  • Plant label marker & spoon to stir soil
  • How-to-guide

You simple add water to the compressed soil, and within minutes you get soil to grow your Parsley seeds.

Season: Parsley can be grown in your window all year round.

Click here to see a video on how you assemble the plant pots and plant the seeds.