Plant Box subscription as GIFT

99,00 kr

Growing your own food is fun and rewarding. With this gift subscription you can give a different gift to a friend or family member. They will receive a new Plant box each month with new vegetable or herb seeds to grow in their window sills.

You decide the length of the subscription for the person receiving the gift. You can chose between 3, 6 or 12 month. Each month they will receive a new Plant Box with vegetable or herb seeds which fits the season. During the autumn season they will typically receive herb seeds that can grow with limited sun. During spring and summer they receive vegetable seeds, so they can grow tomato's, chili, peas, basil.

Surprise a friend or family member with a Plant Box subscription gift and they can look forward to being surprised each month around which plants they receive.

Each Plant Box contains:

  • New seeds every month
  • Pot in Nordic design incl. plant bag
  • Ecological soil
  • Plant label marker & spoon to stir soil
  • How-to-guide

The Plant Box is designed to fit in all mail- and letterboxes, so you avoid having to go to the postoffice every month. Be aware delivery charges will come on top of the Plant Box price.  

The first Plant Box you order will be shipped immediately. The following months you will receive the Plant Box in the beginning of each month. Gift subscriptions cannot be cancelled as you prepay for a fixed period. The subscription will automatically stop when the last Plant Box has been shipped. Therefore you shall not worry about us charging additional fee's when the period you have chosen has come to an end. 

The subscription is running January-October as these months has enough sun to ensure your plants will grow. In November and December we will not send any Plant Boxes. For Gift subscriptions ordered in November and December we will send the first Plant Box in the start of January. 

Read more here about our subscription.

Click here to see a video on how you assemble the plant pots and plant the seeds.