Greek Basil Plant Box

99,00 kr

Grow your own Greek basil plant indoor with this Plant Box that contains all you need to grow seeds into a green and tasty basil plant in your window.

Greek basil is a fantastic green, strong and compact basil sort. It fits in excellent in any kitchen or window. The herb is very pretty and the flavour of the leaves is outstanding and a bit different than classical italian basil leaves. It can be used to garnish salads, pizza and pasta dishes and summer meals. 

Basil is an easy to grow seed. Planting just a few seeds in a your window will provide you with fresh basil leaves for all your favorite recipis.

Inside the Plant Box you find:

  • Greek basil seeds
  • Pot in Nordic design incl. plant bag
  • Ecological soil
  • Plant label marker & spoon to stir soil
  • How-to-guide

You simple add water to the compressed soil, and within minutes you get soil to grow your greek basil seeds.

Season: Greek basil can be grown in a sunny window all year round. The greek basil seeds are sown at a depth of 0,5 cm. Once fully grown pick the leaves frequently from the plant. By doing this the plant will shoot new and closer grown leaves - but always leave a few leaves left on the stem.

Click here to see a video on how you assemble the plant pots and plant the seeds.