Pea Plant Box

99,00 kr

Grow your own peas indoor with this Plant Box that contains all you need to grow seeds into a green pea plant with crispy peas.

Pea is a good vegetable to grow indoor as the harvest time is short.  Within just a month you will see the first small pea fruits come forward.

The sort is sugar peas, so they will grow to be small and crispy ideal for salad and snacks.

Inside the Plant Box you find:

  • Pea seeds
  • Pot in Nordic design incl. plant bag
  • Ecological soil
  • Plant label marker & spoon to stir soil
  • How-to-guide

You simple add water to the compressed soil, and within minutes you get soil to grow your pea seeds.

Season: Pea can be sown between February and August in your window. The pea seeds are sown at a depth of 2 cm.

Click here to see a video on how you assemble the plant pots and plant the seeds.